Bird-Dogging PSE for Greenwashing Fracked Gas

Small_Rate_Payers_Want_Renewables_Light_Projection_Seattle_PSE_No_LNG_(Photo_by_Karl_Pauls)_.jpg350 Seattle and Backbone Campaign teamed up to mobilize guerrilla light projection outside the NW Clean and Affordable Energy conference. We demanded that PSE go fossil fuel free!

It's time PSE listen to ratepayers and stop footing us with the bill for a climate destroying fracked gas plant we don't want or need. Natural gas is only a bridge to dead planet. Save the Salish Sea from PSE.  

The team deployed an impressive guerrilla light projection on the building in direct view of the PSE representative and conference participants. The PSE representative turned bright red embarrassed that we were cutting through their greed-fueled greenwashing and reckless disregard for the wishes of Puyallup tribal members, the larger community and our climate.

Special thanks to projection team members Horizon and Emma Peel, and Matthew, Stacy, Carlo and many more. Gratitude to Puyallup Water Warriors for their steadfast defense of our shared waters and lands.

23167620_1983789765235240_9070783145271099392_n.jpg350 Seattle had this to say - "Let’s be clear: We should not be building any new "natural" gas infrastructure that locks us into decades of expanded usage in our state, and the notion that "natural" gas is a cleaner bridge fuel is just plain wrong. That means saying NO to PSE's LNG plant in Tacoma, NO to the methanol plant in Kalama, NO to the new proposed ammonia plant in Longview, and NO to new gas appliances or fixtures in residential and commercial buildings. And a BIG YES to 100% Renewable Energy now!!!"


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