December 2022 Letter

Dear Backbone Friends,

This December, we celebrate 19 years since we decided to harness our local creative community to fight for progressive change. It is truly thanks to the ways you’ve collaborated with, supported, taken action, and cheered us on - that today, Backbone is the “go to” resource nationally for getting creative attention for the causes that matter to us all. 

Now is the time of year that we ask YOU to please pitch in with a tax-deductible donation - so that we can say “YES!” to the many requests we get from frontline collaborators around the country.

Your generosity allows us to provide creative tools and support to strengthen the good work of organizers across the US and beyond. Your generosity also propels the Solutionary Rail vision for a decarbonized, sustainable rail infrastructure that puts rail in service of public interests, not Wall Street profits. Your support allows us to apply what we’ve learned to offer solidarity to railroad workers, EJ communities, and even offer a path forward to prevent the extinction of Northwest orca and Snake River salmon.

 Can you make a donation today?  Would you commit to a monthly donation as part of our Lumbar Club?

There are lots of worthy causes. What makes Backbone different? How do we continue to make a difference? 

  • Backbone develops and generously deploys innovative skills, tactics and creativity to amplify progressive values to inform the mind, heart, and imagination.
  • Backbone proposes solutions to root problems in ways that connect people and transcend party politics as an antidote to treacherous and divisive times.
  • Backbone assists you and people like you to protect the places and people you love.

Wendell Berry, one of my greatest heroes, once wrote:“We don’t have a right to ask whether we’re going to succeed or not. The only question we have a right to ask is what’s the right thing to do? What does this earth require of us if we want to continue to live on it?” His words are so very true. And having had the great honor to direct the vast and varied work of Backbone for the past 19 years - collaborating with incredible people like YOU has taught me this.

Together, we absolutely can deliver victories that make the seemingly inevitable affronts impossible. And, we absolutely can transform visions that seem impossible and make them inevitable.

Your support is essential to our continued, impactful work in defense of a future worthy of our children.


With deepest gratitude,

Bill Moyer, Executive Director

Backbone Campaign, a 501c3 not for profit organization

PS: Please mail your tax-deductible donation to Backbone Campaign, PO Box 278, Vashon WA 98070, or donate online at

Need some inspiration?

Click the images to see some of the highlights from our 2022 Salmon-related work and National Actions.

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