Action Retreat 2018 - Sept 19-23 on Vashon Island

Backbone Campaign is hosting activists from around the country on Vashon Island for skill sharing, workshops, art creation, kayaktivism, and strategizing.  We're focusing on building up the skills and tools of our team, deepening our connections with each other, and doing some strategic planning for our different teams. 

You have been invited to this gathering because we hope to continue working with you for years to come. Coming together to discuss theory of change and what our movement should look like at a broad level will help us to move forward and succeed together!

Check back for more info on specific times and location of workshops, or send a message to [email protected], with your interest.


  • Beyond Inclusion Beyond Empowerment - Wednesday, 1:30pm
  • Movement Action Plan
  • State of our Movement Round Table
  • Local organizing and Local Economy
  • Making Media
  • Artful Activism - new designs, methods and tools
  • Kayativism
  • Grand Strategy, Theory of Change for the orca and salmon campaigns
  • Digital Light Projections
  • Backbone Tactics
  • September 19, 2018 at 12:00pm – September 23, 2018

Will you come?