Alessandra Mondolfi is a Backbone Campaign Community Supported Organizer.

Your tax-deductible donation to her artful activism allows her to show up and enliven our movement with compelling art that gets attention and pressures decision makers!

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"The latest expression of my creative practice has taken a political turn addressing both environmental and social issues – it’s a visceral, reactionary and emotional response to the state of affairs in the U.S.A. While I have always been politically active, my involvement has previously been from behind the scenes. However, the current political climate has awoken an irrepressible need within me to take more drastic action – to step out of the shadows and into the streets.

"This shift in my work manifested in the creation of “Props for Protest”, which I have been deploying in numerous marches and rallies. Not feeling that these occasional street actions were enough, I began experimenting with more frequent ways to resist. In that pursuit, I’ve created “Protest Jewelry” that I wear in public, I’ve performed “Walks of Protest”, I’ve generated videos that I share on social media and and have been printing images of the props and wheat pasting them onto walls around the country."

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