"Times Like These"

"How do we build power in "times like these"? The bias embedded in the question is a sign of how distractible we are from the work of building real power from the bottom up.  In actuality, the answer is an answer for all times, not merely moments when the frenzy of national political struggle competes for our attention at every waking moment."     Learn How We Catalyze Positive Change !

On Death Ground, FIGHT!

Rise Up! Defeat Trumpism! Read reflections from Bill Moyer about the events that led to Trump's rise to President elect and the resistance we have to muster to counter his push towards fascism. Then, employ the linked organizing tools and resources to join together in this epic uprising.    Learn How We Catalyze Positive Change !

The Rise of Kayaktivism & the sHellNo Flotilla

Backbone Campaign is the home of Kayaktivism.  Backbone has trained over 300 kayaktivists, organized 14+ separate kayaktivism actions, and helped launch the Kayaktivism meme that is spreading and sprouting up across the globe! Contact us to organize your own Kayaktivism Training or plan your Kayaktivist Action. Learn How We Catalyze Positive Change !

TPP & The Fight For Real Democracy

Backbone has partnered with Popular Resistance to pull the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) out of the shadows of secrecy and has invigorated the movement fighting for Real Democracy. Learn How We Catalyze Positive Change !

Maury Island & The Fight to Save Puget Sound

In 2008, a 10-year long legal battle to prevent a corporation from building a gravel mining operation on Maury Island, failed. 10% of the land mass of a Pacific Northwest island across from Seattle could legally be destroyed by the extraction of gravel. The project had been vehemently opposed by the community. They vowed to keep fighting out of concerns for the potential release of toxic arsenic and the disruption of vital and sensitive ecosystems. Backbone Campaign supported a community organizing and direct action campaign that earned sympathetic media attention. It swelled the number of people taking action from 50 to 500+, and mobilized people to get out on the frigid waters bordering the gravel mine. They put their bodies and boats on the line to creatively disrupt mining operations. As part of the campaign, we invited direct action trainers from the 1999 WTO to the first Localize This! action camp. The direct action campaign was successful and what would have been destroyed is now a public park. It is being restored as the longest stretch of undeveloped beach in the county. Learn How We Catalyze Positive Change !

Moved $60 million out of Wall Street Banks

Tired of seeing the wealth, labor, and equity of your community being syphoned off to pad the pockets of Wall St Banks and corporate fat cats? We mobilized our tiny island to move $60 million dollars out of Wall Street Banks by organizing the community to open a credit union. You can too! Learn How We Catalyze Positive Change !