APPPL and BXE With Pipeline In DC

Alliance to Protect the People and the Places We Live (APPPL) in North Carolina went to DC to support the Poor People's Campaign with BXE.

BXE (Beyond Extreme Energy) took the pipeline to the final day of the Poor Peoples Campaign in Washington on June 23. BXE and APPPL set it up toward the back of the crowd, with a view of the Washington Monument in one direction, and the Capitol in the other. It was the largest prop in the rally there, and got a lot of attention and photos! There was also a one line description of it in the Washington Post's account of the June 23 events.
BXE also took pipeline to FERC for a day of protests in June 25 on 1st Street NE in DC where they erected two 20 foot bamboo racking towers in which people were locked down to prevent access to FERC's parking garage. They set up the pipeline across the street and altered messages during the day starting with "CRACK FERC OPEN BXE" then "CRACK FERC OPEN APPPL"  and later CRACK FERC OPEN SANE ENERGY" (Sane Energy helped a lot with the rally and protest. The other side read "WIND SOLAR NOW".

Check out the coverage they got in the Wall Street Journal!!