Ceasefire Now! Space Needle Balloon Banner with Jewish Voice for Peace

Team Backbone had the honor of collaborating with Jewish Voice for Peace in Seattle this week. Working together, we built, practice with, and then deployed a type of banner we rarely use anymore - a helium & weather balloon powered banner.  This was exactly the appropriate situation as a benner drop would have been dangerous, risky and more costly.  The banner LIFT encouraged the crowd and provided a way connect with others whose hearts are also breaking.

Photo by Logan Price 

Though the above footage from Democracy Now! looks pretty dramatic, the banner is always tethered and managed for safety and accounting for wind. We do a gather and quick release technique for affect. In other words, don't try this at home without checking in with Backbone HQ. #CeasefireNow!

Photo by Elliot Stoller 
As Backbone E.D. Bill Moyer states, "Backbone rejects that there is any viable military solution to this conflict. Innocent people are dying and generations are being re-traumatized. Like everyone else, I was outraged by the Oct. 7 attack that brutalized civilians. My wife and daughter are Jewish and my daughter is exactly the kind of young person who would have attended that peace concert. My heart aches for any parent who loses their child (or any loved one). But like the US after 9-11, the tone deaf response, brutal, indiscriminate and asymmetric response by Israel squandered the sympathies of the world in order to inflict a criminal and brutal vengeance that is likely going to make Israel far less secure. We cannot bomb our way to peace. A ceasefire is absolutely essential for any actual path forward to be found amongst the rubble that is all of our hearts."

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