Carl Wassilie is a Backbone Campaign Community Supported Organizer

Your tax-deductible donation helps Carl protect water, indigenous rights, food sovereignty, and our precious planet.
As a Yupiaq person, practicing ways of Being Human from the center of the Earth to the Cosmos, Carl is challenging the neocolonial mega-corporate industrial complex systems. These systems are currently allowing corporations and their nation states to violate the inherent rights of Indigenous Peoples, Children, Women and Elders on planet Earth, and her atmosphere. 
Carl challenges the unjust corporate economic model that is systematically destroying critically important local and transcontinental biodiversity in the terrestial, marine and aquatic systems. He supports the subsistence economy that protects the natural migratory pathways of animal, plant and fungal life systems that human life is dependent on.   
Carl challenges the root causes of the centralized, top-down systems that are harming communities and peoples' peace and health around the world.  He works to protect indigenous cultures, languages, agroecological practices and nature-based life ways that heal humans, the atmosphere, and the Earth.
By engaging within the fundamental principals of Peace, Justice and Human Rights centered on people's sustainable life ways, Carl works to protect the Earth's animate and inanimate beings; indigenous knowledge systems, and the planet's life-support systems for future generations.

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If you need assistance with your donation, please contact Backbone staff, [email protected] or leave a voicemail at 206-408-8058.

Thank you for your generous support of Carl's environmental justice work!



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