UltraViolet Demands Visa Block Sales Of Assault Weapons

Folks traveled from Backbone HQ to support UltraViolet, to send a message via light projection to Visa, Inc: Visa can, and should, block the sales of assault weapons.

UltraViolet helped deliver petitions to Visa Headquarters, demanding they stop processing the sale of assault weapons. Other financial groups have done so and Visa should as well. This light projection in Foster City followed the petition delivery. Before the light projection, local folks turned out for a candlelight vigil in memory of all the lives that have been lost to mass killings. The projection onto Visa HQ highlighted the 10 deadliest mass killings since Sandy Hook. There were some struggles with the rainy weather but Visa security didn't hassle the crew at all.

Short Livestream of Projection

Media Coverage by local NBC

Media Coverage by Indybay

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