If you've been following the Backbone Campaign, you know we've been working hard, doing all we can to leverage this unique moment to build a #New Normal.

But don't take our word for it - check out the personal GiveBig pages of some of our biggest fans!

David, over his lifetime, has shown that "when we fight, we win!" He is a champion of bottom-up organizing, and hopes you'll support this "Movement of Movements." 

Merrilee has been part of Backbone since it was just an idea in some Vashon artists' heads; she continues her support, even as she's helped us through some rough times. Thanks for sticking by us, Merrilee!

Suzy Nice Nice (you'll definitely want to meet her!) speaks up for the Backbone campaign and hopes you give plenty of "Monies" to this amazing organization. (Bill Jarcho concurs.)

Steffon (or is that Ben Franklin?) talks about why he's been creating art with Backbone for almost 20 years - "because politics without creativity is.... yucky." (We agree!  Chip in to make this movement more beautiful!)

Nancy talks about how Backbone's dedication and commitment are why she's been a Lumbar Club member since the beginning! (Thanks for your strong backbone, Nancy!)

Jeff, a Boardmember, projectionist and kayaktivist, talks about how Backbone has given him the skills, support and tools to speak up for educators, the environment, and other issues.

Danny, our amazing social media coordinator, gives a shout out to Backbone's gonzo resistance activities and its support of working people and the causes they care about!

Abby puts it out there for the Backbone Campaign! "The past couple of months (they have) put into action a plethora of Ideas that many of us thought of and were stymied to create."

And I, Amy, ask for donations for my upcoming 55th birthday, to this organization that has given me a life purpose!

If these stories inspire you, we invite you to make a contribution on their page, or the general Backbone GiveBig page. 

Thank you to these friends, and to the many supporters who've recently made a donation, either on our GiveBig page, on our website, or sent in a check.

It all goes to the same place: work on decarbonizing transportation and energy, creative activism that gets attention and makes a difference, local resilience building, and ideas and information for #RemakingOurWorld.

There are so many nonprofits doing wonderful work and today - while your email box is likely filled with asks today which might feel a little annoying -  the generosity and love inspired by this day is truly contagious.  We hope you'll go to the GiveBig site and that you'll include Backbone in the organizations to which you give.

Your support is crucial for keeping Backbone vibrant in these transformational times! Thank you for making this creative activism one of the ways you make a difference in the world.

- Bill, Amy and the Backbone Team