Double your impact with Backbone on this Giving Tuesday

Backbone is amidst an intense few weeks. Yesterday, we projected on the US Supreme Court for corporate accountability - AND - produced a training on light projection for activists from Philly, Houston, New Orleans, San Francisco to Columbus. On Black Friday we were part of an international mobilization to #MakeAmazonPay with projections in Seattle and DC.  The week before that we were outside the Democratic Party HQ for a 24-hour occupation for a Green New Deal.  In the coming week we'll be helping get hazard pay for frontline health workers - AND - pushing Biden to commit to tackling the scourge of plastics on this planet and its creatures. And I haven't even begun updating you on Solutionary Rail or the Vashon Time Bank. 

Honestly, it is not easy for me to pull away from all of that. So, I'm burning the midnight oil to let you know that for the first time in our 17 years, Backbone has a $25,000 end of year matching challenge. Today is Giving Tuesday and Backbone is blessed to have friends who believe so deeply in our work that they are willing to match your contribution.  Some great folks have pooled their resources to encourage you to give what you can - and know that you are doubling your impact.

It's easy for me to get so swept up in the work that I forget to make sure Backbone is growing, increasing our capacity to meet the escalating demands for our tools, skills and strategies. Lately, Amy and I have begun to bring in some new talented people to organize for the Time Bank, lead the charge for Solutionary Rail, and provide production support for our many creative actions. Your support will allow us to continue to grow that capacity to serve your values and visions. 

We know that the coming months will be filled with darkness and struggle of body and soul. But there is a persistent, inexhaustible flame of creativity that is leading us through this darkness - not back to an old normal - but to an emergent way of being that is far more dignified, connected, and regenerative society. The pathway is not the past way. The divisive noise of partisan posturing and name calling can be fought with the power of listening, digging deep to solve problems together.  

I keep coming back to something the former head of the the Kansas State Grange said to me. After a long conversation that navigated the mine fields of our differences with inquiry and mutual curiosity, he said:

"I truly believe that every person
deserves and desires the opportunity
to think outside the box."

He beautifully tapped into the spirit of being a radical solutionary - addressing root problems by tapping the creativity of people and their innate desire and capacity to solve problems together. The fact is that there is actually no "box" anymore. The walls have evaporated and the boldest of visions are required.  Backbone Campaign helps carve out space for your values to take root and your visions to flower.

Help keep this creative solutionary work growing by making your investment TODAY. Help us launch our march to claim the matching fund. Together we will build a far more beautiful future.

Make your secure donation HERE or call our office (206.408.8058) for help with your contribution, or to donate stock.

Backbone Campaign is a 501c3 not for profit organization, and your contribution is tax-deductible, to the fullest extent of the law.

  • December 01, 2020 at 8:00am – December 02, 2020
  • Bill Moyer