HatchetNVDA and Climb Trainer

Affiliated Organization: Shadow Climbing LLC, Earth First! Climbers Guild, Northern Rockies Rising Tide, Cascadia EF!

Areas of Training: Knotts 101, Climbing, Rigging, NVDA, Tripods, Banner Hangs

Hatchet has been climbing trees and teaching others how to climb for over nine years. She learned how to climb at an Earth First! rondi and shortly thereafter traveled back to the East Coast, where she learned about recreational tree climbing techniques. Hatchet has helped facilitate climb trainings across the country since 2010 and since 2012 has been a trainer for the EF! Climbers Guild. In late 2012, Hatchet took her Tree Climbers International facilitator course. In 2013, Hatchet earned her high rope rescue technician certification through CMC. Today Hatchet co-owns Shadow Tree Climbing LLC, a recreational tree climbing business that gets people of all ages and backgrounds high up into the canopies. Hatchet was an organizer and trainer with Earth First! and Rising Tide from 2009 to 2014 but is currently taking a step back from organizing to inspire young folks to climb trees and help them gain a greater appreciation for nature.