Health Care Rally

Backbone took its Vulture Props and banners to support a Health Care Rally at the Capitol Steps on the eve of the Washignton Legislature's final day in session. Over 100 people attended to listen to testimonials and get involved.

Over 100 attendees heard stories about the state of health care coverage and how we can take the profit out of a basic human freedom.  

Speakers included Sens. Hasegawa and Kuderer, along with other leaders in the Universal Health Care Movement - including representatives of labor organizations, women’s rights groups, civil rights organizations, immigrant and refugee organizations, faith communities, community health boards, Democratic LD organizations, healthcare professionals, and legal advocacy groups. Hugh Foy, PNHPWA and National PNHP Board Member spoke for Improved Medicare for All and against its privatization. This is the first time that a wide array of organizations have rallied to call for universal health care, a step towards building grassroots awareness of our state-wide movement for universal health care.

For information and to get involved, check out our partners' websites Health Care for All - Wa and Physicians for a National Health Program - WA


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