Hard Road of Hope - panel discussion

Backbone Campaign ED Bill Moyer was a guest panelist after a screening of Hard Road of Hope, a documentary by Eleanor Goldfield. The film screening was sponsored by community based organizers in coal regions, and the discussion focused on just transition solutions and community connections.


About this Film:

“Hard Road of Hope” amplifies the voices of these forgotten and proud rednecks – the ones carrying the torch from the first rednecks who tied on red bandanas and marched for their basic human rights. It seeks to hold a mirror up to all sacrifice zones, to the isolated folks in pain across the nation. This is an American story, an American history – and for the future of all the people who call this place home, this is the path we must all walk if we want to thrive, and indeed, survive.

Thanks to Steve Chrismer for organizing this event and inviting Backbone's participation.

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