Wednesday, June 22 - Day 2 of Localize This! 2016 Action Camp

(Under Construction - More to come...)

Here's a teaser for some of what will be offered on Wednesday, June 22nd, at Localize This! 2016


8AM - 9AM Breakfast

9AM - 10AM - Bhakti Yoga with Zarna Joshi - spiritual activism, storytelling, and sacred sounds as a powerful way to change the values of society while confronting oppression within ourselves and the system.

10am-10:45am Opening circle


11:00am-12:30pm "Strategic Campaign Design" with Bill Moyer
An overview of materials and tactics with the Backbone Team.  -Connect the dots of your various actions, identify points of intervention, and more effectively win the battle against corporate power. This workshop features an analysis of corporate power, root causes of issues of injustice, power mapping of strategic opportunities for intervention, and alternative modes of organizing to corporate dependency.





12:30-1:30 lunch


Tactical communications training-Time??


Media works!

            -Increase the effectiveness of your media strategy. This workshop covers how to deal with the media including how to write press releases, preparing for interviews, staying on message and pitfalls to avoid when being interviewed. Examples will be used from actual action experiences, and there will be an opportunity to practice with partners those skills and being interviewed.



Evening: 7pm
karen_coulter.jpgKaren Coulter is our featured presenter. She will be teaching us the history of Earth First! Covers “our story” with the EarthFirst! Movement, including principles, movement, culture, strategy, overcoming federal repressions, and victories. 

BIO: Karen has been involved in Earth First! since 1984 and is the current director of the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, a grassroots organizations which monitors Federal agencies policy’s of logging and toxic herbicide-spraying on public lands in Eastern Oregon. She has been an activist on environmental, anti-nuclear and social justice issues since 1980, working for groups such as the American Friends Service Committee against the MX missile.

She was present at the first EF! Organizers Conference/Winter Rendezvous, was part of several of EF! historical campaigns such as Redwood Summer and Cove/Mallard and has been arrested at least 13 times for civil disobedience. In 1993 she was given the William O. Douglas award for Courage in Activism by Oregon Natural Resources Council. Coulter is also a current board member of the League of Wilderness Defenders and Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment, and was a former board member of the Fund for Wild Nature. She has a B.A. in English and Psychology from Reed College.

Karen Coulter is the author of the book The Rule of Property, co-author of Branded With Desire and a contributor to the Earth First! Journal. She is currently working on a new book exploring the role of property in the rise of corporate power called Branded With Desire: Warrior Poetry for Earth First! Round River Rendezous 1980-Present, By Dennis Fritzinger and Karen Coulter “a poetic journal from 30 years of EF! Rendezvous and Actions!” (available through the Earth First! Journal)

Watch this great video about the work she does.







Will you come?