Lowell Pipeline Resistance at Earth Day Parade

Lowell Pipeline Resistance marched in the Lowell Earth Day 2018 parade with the 35-foot inflatable pipeline.

The crew carried a 35-foot inflatable pipeline with messages on both sides. One side read "Pipelines are genocide," and the other read "Resist National Grid." The crew also shared a megaphone to lead chants, and carried 15-20 signs and banners, which read things such as "National Greed (a play on 'National Grid')," "Lowell Pipeline Resistance," "#ResistTheGrid," and more.

What is the Lowell Area Gas “Modernization” Project? 

The Lowell Area Gas Modernization Project is a proposed $30 million pipeline expansion running primarily through Lowell (Image 1), with some additional infrastructure in Chelmsford and Tewskbury. National Grid wants to increase the size of an existing high-pressure natural gas pipeline, from 6 and 8 inches to 12 inches, quadrupling the volume of the pipe in many places. 

Who is the Lowell Pipeline Resistance? 

We are a group of Merrimack Valley community members opposed to genocidal resource extraction projects like this pipeline. We stand for liberation from fossil fuels. We stand for liberation from the same imperial, colonial, white supremacist, patriarchal forces that began pillaging this land over 500 years ago and that are the underlying cause of the current climate crisis. 

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See more photos of the event.

The crew got some drone footage too! Part 1, Part 2

Photo credit to Renne D'Argento/Lowell Pipeline Resistance.


Think this pipeline might be right for your action? Find more info and how to rent it here.