March For Single Payer Healthcare For All In DC

9 April 18: As part of the HOPE Action camp, we marched to the Canadian embassy, AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans) and finished at HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) where we were part of a rally. Personal stories were shared about how crucial it is that we get National Improved Medicare for All in this country.

The March for Medicare For All in DC followed HOPE Spring 2018 Single Payer Action Camp. We visited AHIP to call them out for putting profit over people. We stopped by the Canadian Embassy to show an example of a country that has Medicare For All. Finally, we shared stories and a renewed resolution to fight outside the Health and Human Services Building.

Join us in the fight! Visit to learn more. Or check out the HOPE Facebook page.

There are plenty more amazing photos of the march here.

The event was covered by HispanTV, who posted a video covering the march.

All images by Eleanor Goldfield. (Twitter, Website)