Promote HR 1384 Improved Medicare for All

Get your HR 1384 Health Security Card campaign toolkit.

Together, we can animate people's aspirations for real healthcare in the US: a system that is fair, simple, and efficient. All people deserve health justice. People should not have to suffer the constant anxiety that one health emergency will cause them to lose everything. Insurance companies have been allowed to soak the American people for far too long, profiting from people's suffering and deciding who receives care and who does not. They have commodified the sacred relationship between doctor and patient, turning doctor into bureaucrat and patient into commodity.  The failure of elected officials to stand up to the insurance industry has resulted in millions of Americans falling into crippling debt and bankruptcy.

Share Backbone Campaign's HR 1384 National Health Security Card to raise the bar on what we expect from our government and elected officials.

Download for FREE and print your own, or pitch-in here and we'll send you a set of weather resistant decals to attach to a modified candidate sign, a placard for your window, and individual National Health Security Cards for you to share with others. 



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