Flash Mobs!

Flash mobs can be a fun and engaging tactic that enhances and moves your campaign forward or simple fun and charge up your group.

targetaintThe most "viral" flash mobs involve considerable advanced planning and numerous participants in a variety of roles.  Let us share some lessons we've learned.

A key to the success and fun is the ability to quickly edit raw footage and make it broadly available to those who are normally your biggest audience, the people who will watch it online. Song and dance flash mobs are a particularly effective means of putting pressure on your opponent without them being able to demonize you since its more difficult to get down on someone if they are singing a catchy tune, busting a move, smiling, and have bystanders singing along too.

From the Complex but Fun to Pretty-Darn-Simple to the "Wowie-Zowie that must have been intense!" here are a few of our favorites and some resources for producing your own:

Target Ain't People

99% Choir Forecloses on Bank of America

Public Option Annie


Step-By-Step How To Suggestions- PDF
Step-By-Step How To Suggestions- DOC
How To with suggestions by Bill Moyer- PDF
How To with suggestions by Bill Moyer- DOC