No More Food Deserts, Safe Shelter for All!

The Bellingham team projected at a rally prior to Bellingham CIty Council meeting where the agenda included discussions 
of solutions for homeless in Bellingham for the winter, as well as the food dessert created by the consolidation of grocery stores.

From the rally event page on Facebook:

As winter closes in and the holiday season approaches, people lack access to such basic needs as access to healthy fresh food or shelter. Let city council know that these issues matter to us and we want solutions to come from the affected communities! 

Come on out and support two important projects:

The Winter Haven camp planned out by Homes NOW! Not Later will keep people safe and alive as the weather turns for the worse. Too many people in our county have died from exposure and this is one fantastic part of the solution. City Council has approved the initial parts of the plan, but a strong show of community support makes sure that the plan becomes a reality!

We need to make sure that non-compete clauses like the one that is on the old Albertsons building never make another food desert in our community again! And we need the city to step up and create planning/incentives for healthy, culturally appropriate, accessible food to be easily accessible in our neighborhoods. City Council is hearing a presentation that morning from a researcher who focuses on food and planning issues, so this is going to be fresh on their minds. Let's make sure that they know that solutions for the food desert in Birchwood need to come from the people most affected by the Albertsons closure.


Projections read "Food Justice Now", "Housing Is A Human Right", and "Dissent Is Patriotic".

Photo credit to DJC.