November 4th - A Panel Discussion on System Change & Mobilization Over Partisan Politics

On October 28th, we knew that on November 4th, we'd needed to be ready for any number of scenarios.

Creative activists have already played an important role in increasing the beauty and visibility of efforts to amplify complaints over voter suppression and getting ballots counted. A mobilized populace is needed whether to discourage and resist a coup or facilitate a nonviolent response to provocations by right wing domestic terrorists.

Regardless of the election results, we need to continue to stimulate and support a movement that celebrates We the People with a vision commensurate with the paradigm-shifting pandemics of racism, inequity, and planetary destruction wrought on us by unaccountable transnational capitalism and its divisive, devouring, destructive tactics.

Backbone Board Members Mary Lou Finley, Margaret Flowers, David McLanahan and Daniel Lee were our guests for a panel discussion on how we prepare for November 4th (post election), respond to how we got into the current crises, and what we need to focus on going forward. More about Backbone's fabulous Board of Directors here

Thank you to everyone who participated. More on Backbone Campaign's theory of change and approach to grand strategy and social movement here