Dear Friend,

Backbone Campaign is a biological metaphor about connection.

The genius of all of our tools -- from freeway banners to light projection to imagery props to kayaktivism -- is that they foster connection.

Our adversaries’ grand strategy is to divide. Ours is to connect. The work we do together connects us to our best selves, each other, and the planet. 

If you've already made a donation, we thank you for your generous support. If you haven't yet, and you have some extra money to invest in building a real democracy, please donate here.

Thank you for trusting Backbone Campaign as one of the powerful ways you make a difference.

We cannot do this work without you!

Forward together!

Bill, Amy, & Team Backbone

PS Feel free to give us a call to make your donation over the phone: 206-408-8058. Backbone Campaign is a 501c3 not for profit, and this work is fueled by individuals like you!