Pardon Daniel Hale

In 2015, Daniel Everette Hale released documents revealing devastating failures in the U.S. drone war program, among them the widespread killing of civilians.

For his truth-telling in the interest of humanity, Daniel has been prosecuted under the Espionage Act and is now being held in the Alexandria (Virginia) Detention Center awaiting sentencing on July 27, 2021.

Daniel faces up to 10 years in federal prison. Please go to to find out how you can call on President Biden to pardon Daniel. Also, request Federal Judge Liam O’Grady to sentence Daniel to time-served so that Daniel can be immediately released on July 27.

Solidarty Brigade members in DC worked in collaboration with Ban Killer DronesWHISPeR/ExposeFacts, Veterans for Peace Chapter 34 (New York City), CODEPINK, World Beyond War, World Can’t Wait, Veterans for Peace (National) to project images of Daniel around Washinton DC. 

Photo Credit: Eleanor Goldfield 

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