Phil Ateto -Our Everyday Hero Standing Up for the First Amendment

A very special shout-out to a very special guy, Phil Ateto. 
PhilAtetoStandsUpToDCpolice-LightProjection-YTscreen.jpgPhil projected onto the Trump Hotel in DC this weekend. Phil is one of our Solidarity Brigade coordinators and an expert Artful Activist. He's been the force behind A LOT of actions in the last number of years. Thanks to DC Media Group's John Zangas we have this priceless video showcasing how gracefully Phil manages a police interaction and still gets the job done! To learn more about the DC action, check out an article written about it by DC Media Group.

NOW - Backbone invites YOU to manifest more actions like these. 


Regardless of what issues you are passionate about, having Backbone Campaign tooling up folks around the country helps advance your values and vision for the future. Let's expand to 25 cities by this summer - and 50 by 2019.

Thank you to all those who already pitched in to help to make this action possible. You made our job so much easier.

If you're excited about Backbone's style of artful activism and want to fuel more Solidarity Brigades and their awesome actions, please chip in with a tax-deductible donation HERE!

Forward Together!

Team Backbone

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