Portland Action Brigade Calendar

Best_Portland_star_formation_with__shellno_olb_at_daybreak.jpgIn addition to their food trucks Portland is known as a mecca of progressivism. They continue to activate and inspire their community as well as people beyond their city limits as seen by the #sHellNo bridge blockades. We can look to Portland as a prime example of the communities of resistance AND resilience we aspire to create. Innovating creative tactics that excite and invite more people from different walks of life to their campaigns is an essential part of the equation. The Portland Action Brigades are amplifying actions and mobilizing community engagement by utilizing a host of creative tactics like: 

  • Guerrilla Light Projection
  • Overpass Light Brigade LED Panels
  • Giant Overpass Banners
  • Inflatables and 3D Imagery
  • Cantastorias and beautiful murals
  • Kayaktivism
  • Blockades & lockdowns
  • Music infused marches
  • and more!
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