Portland BLM Projections Still Going Strong

Special shout out to the Portland Solidarity Brigade for the sheer number of nights they've been out amplifying the voices of the Black Lives Matter movement.

A message from your Portland projector, Tina, who is "using my middle-aged white lady privilege to get these out there.": "Projecting in an alleyway where a beautiful mural of George Floyd has been painted. People are coming here and leaving messages, flowers and just breathing through the grief and anger. It is NOT near the police station so it has become a place where people can visit without PD attention.
I am projecting because I cannot stop thinking about this horror and many days I just don’t know what else to do to contribute to the healing of the community at this moment."


Digital projections read "George Floyd You Have Changed The World", "Trump's Response To Excessive Force Is More Excessive Force", "America Who Are We?".

Enough. Reimagine The World. Reinvest In Community.

#DefendBlackLife #BlackLivesMatter #DefundPolice #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Digital Projection America:Enough Portland Maine