Rejecting Duke Energy's Dirty Carbon Plan

Backbone's "Declare a Climate Emergency" banner appeared outside the North Carolina Utility Commission Hearing, on Sept 23, in Raleigh NC, supporting residents' demands to reject Duke Energy's dirty energy carbon plan.

Frontline groups are asking the NC Utilities Commission, at a bare minimum, for a plan that:
• Provides a clean energy transition, not one that includes nuclear energy, hydrogen, biogas, wood pellets, biofuel, or any "renewable energy" that creates more greenhouse gasses
• Utilizes our full offshore wind potential. Duke's current lease is estimated to create 2.8 GW of energy. In most portfolios, Duke plans for 2 GW by 2050
• Requires partnering with labor unions. We need a transition that combines labor and climate
• Allows for no new gas, nuclear, oil or coal-powered plants
• Does not set limits on solar or other clean energy installations

These are some of the most important hearings in NC's history and will lay the foundation for how the state approaches climate change and renewable energy in the future.
Residents are raising their voices to ensure that Duke Energy's plans are rejected in favor of affordable, practical and proven practices! #No2GreenWashing #RealZero

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