Rise With the Waters

We were proud to be a part of the first indigenous and water warrior-led climate action in Tacoma for a couple of years.  


The call to “start something new, to build momentum, and to hold the City of Tacoma accountable for its environmental crimes and lack of respect for the sovereignty of the Puyallup Tribe” was the driving force behind this action. 

There have been a number of decisions recently that have shown a disregard for the earth and its people. Consistent failures to conduct Health Impact Assessments for major projects, a recent approval for the Tacoma LNG project (despite written promises that expansion would require review), and a disregard for climate emergency declaration with policy implementation that negate urgency are among just a few of those. 

Thank you to Native Daily Network, 350 Tacoma, and No LNG 253 for having us. 

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