San Diego Solidarity Brigade

BabyTrump-Projection-LA.jpgArtful Activists and the San Diego Overpass Light Brigade have joined forces to form Backbone San Diego.  Together we take bold, artful action, innovating with a host of creative tactics and working in solidarity with allies on host of critical issues. 

Join us if you'd like to participate and learn about:

  • BabyTrump Balloon
  • Guerrilla Light Projection
  • Overpass Light Brigade LED light panels
  • Giant Overpass Banners
  • Kite-propelled Bannering
  • Helium-Assisted Banner Lifts
  • Flush the politician dunk tanks & more!

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Enjoy this hilarious video coverage by NBC of our satirical Military Parade in Balboa Park HERE.

PLEASE pitch HERE to support our work and our most recent project, touring the Baby Trump balloon through Southern California. 

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