Shut Down Homestead

Alessandra, Backbone CSO in Miami, borrowed the LED light panels and projection equipment to shine a message on Homestead, the nation's for profit private detention facility for migrant children.

Her actions received significant press coverage and solidarity, including from Sen Jeff Merkley.

For more info, see: "One in Six Migrant Children in the U.S. are Staying at a Shelter Operated by a Private Equity Tycoon."

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Alessandra writes:

The #HomesteadDetentionCenter is the largest #ImmigrantDetention camp in the U.S., and now the only one on federal land. It holds undocumented migrant minors 13 to 17 years old. The Trump administration refers to the Homestead Detention Center as an “Emergency Temporary Shelter” but children are detained there an average of 67 days as of Feb. 5, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (#HHS). However, some of the children have reportedly been there over 9 months. It is currently holding over 1,750 minors and expanding to hold more. Most of the children have relatives in the U.S., they should be released and reunited with their relatives or sponsors in #HomesInstead! These are innocent kids who have committed no crime other than coming to this country seeking asylum!

This #ChildPrison is run by #ComprehensiveHealthServices whose parent company is #CaliburnInternational. The price tag per child is $750 a day, which adds up to over $1.3 MILLION per DAY! #Caliburn is profiting from this “child custody” scheme and our tax dollars are funding this. They have been holding job fairs and are actively hiring to staff the center’s expansion. A job listing on for the position of “Youth Care Worker” states that an applicant “in a sudden or emergency event… must at all times be physically able to run, jump, lunge, twist, push, pull, apply approved restraint techniques and otherwise manage or coerce the full weight of an infant or adolescent.” We need to #ShutItDown