It's Union Time at Starbucks

Backbone supported Starbucks workers with projections on the clock tower and near SB HQ.  Messages told Starbucks CEO and corporate leaders that that Starbucks cannot be an industry-leading, forward-thinking employer AND the country’s leading union buster.

Starbucks Partners formed Starbucks Workers United. For more than a year, workers have joined together, raised their voices, cast ballots and gone on strike to demand Starbucks respect their right to a union so they have a voice over pay, scheduling and more.

Starbucks Corporate, which posted $3.3 billion in profits last year, has responded with threats, intimidation, firings, store closings and refusing to bargain in good faith–becoming the most prolific union buster in U.S. history.

NLRB judges have found at least 127 violations of federal labor law, with over 1000 more alleged violations still being adjudicated, for, among other things, threatening, intimidating, and firing hundreds of worker leaders. This runs counter to Starbucks’ carefully-cultivated image of a progressive company. Starbucks cannot be an industry-leading, forward thinking employer AND the country’s leading union buster.

Backbone was honored to utilize our light projection skills to support workers and help strengthen calls for unionization. #BaristasYESBillionairesNO!

More photos HERE.

Photography by Jeff Dunnicliff.

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