In Memory of Steve Parker

At the end of 2023, Backbone Campaign lost a good friend, Steve Parker, of Spokane, WA.  

Steve showed up tirelessly in Spokane, as well as across the PNW, to project messages on iconic landmarks and buildings and to banners on the overpasses.  He also traveled to other communities - including to Atlanta GA - to teach skills in light projection and creative tactics.

He was instrumental in pulling off one of our most epic actions - projecting messages and images on Lower Granite Dam in June 2021. It was the first time something like that was done, and thanks to Steve's tireless scouting and planning, the action was resoundingly successful.

Steve had expressed his wishes that donations be made to Backbone Campaign, to help keep the projections and bannering going strong in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Your tax-deductible support will help keep Steve's commitment to justice alive and vibrant.

Thank you for remembering Steve in this enduring way.



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