Tallahassee Lobbying For Gun Control

500 people came from around the state of Florida to lobby state legislators in Tallahassee.


The Tallahassee crew joined over 500 moms, dads, daughters, sons, survivors, surgeons, and allies who came from around the state of Florida, some for 14 hours via bus, to lobby state legislators in Tallahassee.  The groups split up and covered 80 appointments in 2 1/2 hours, prioritizing the passing of background checks before ALL gun purchases, not just those by licensed gun dealers, and pushing NOT to arm teachers. Marion Hammer, former President of the NRA, is extremely active and effective in writing NRA driven laws and assigning them to legislators. The Tallahassee crew attends every hearing and committee meeting possible during this pre-legislative, warm-up period. When the legislature comes into session, they will be there too!

Lobby day was organized by Moms Demand Action.  Join the Florida Moms Demand Action facebook group to get involved locally.


The following day, Feb. 7, the crew demonstrated on the street against the State of the Union Address and they can now see the ultimate expression of the patriarchy.