The Rise of Kayaktivism & the sHellNo Flotilla

Artic_Drilling_Paddle_In_Seattle_Rig_Polar_Pioneer_Best_Shell_Shellno_Small.jpgBackbone Campaign is the home of Kayaktivism. 

Backbone has trained over 300 kayaktivists, organized 14+ separate kayaktivism actions, and helped launch the Kayaktivism meme that is spreading and sprouting up across the globe!

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In 2009, kayaks were an instrumental flank as part of our community's successful campaign to stop the construction of a massive gravel mine on our island, by a transnational corporation. The victory and experience underscored the importance and effectiveness of this tactic. Since then, every one of our 8 Localize This! Action Camps have included a kayak water-safety and skills component. 

When Shell decided to use the Pacific Northwest as the base station for pillaging the Arctic and trashing our Climate, we called for a Flotilla. Since then, we've trained over 300 kayaktivists and helped launch the Kayaktivism meme! Kayaktivist actions are taking place around the globe - in Finland, Australia, Alaska, Santa Barbara, Michigan, Oregon, Vermont and more! At our 2015 camp, we held mock action scenarios on the water; they deepened our experience and will continue to inform kayaktivism as an effective, global tactic. After having organized 14+ separate kayaktivism actions we have some insights and hard-won lessons we hope to share.

We want others to utilize this inviting, invigorating, and exciting tactic as safely as possibleWant to be a Kayaktivist!? -Submit your request HERE

Check out the TV coverage we earned when we first called for the sHellNo Kayaktivist Flotilla!

Watch this video and tell us if you could feel the excitement leading up to the Paddle In Seattle flotilla?

If you are planning an action, or want to skill-up your community, fill out the Kayaktivism Consultation Form so we can connect with you, offer an orientation, share some lessons learned and send you the curriculum we are proud to have developed. Consider hiring us to come offer some trainings and/or do a "training for trainers" in your community.

Want to be a Kayaktivist!? -Submit your request HERE


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