Jane Trowell on the Intersecting issues of COVID-19, Climate Justice and Colonization

On April 15, 2020 we were honored to interview Jane Trowell on the intersecting issues of COVID-19, Climate Justice and Colonization in the UK.

With Brexit and COVID-19 as the starting points, Jane seamlessly wove together topics such as a sense of place and rivers, international airplane travel, unintended consequences of privilege and our collective dependence on fossil fuels, immigration, xenophobia, the role of the media, the impact of austerity measures, inadequate education, flawed elections, and the National Health System.

A cross-disciplinary arts educator, since 1991, Jane Trowell has been a member of Platform www.platformlondon.org a London-based, award-winning collective that brings together artists, activists, researchers and campaigners.

Platform’s pioneering education courses, exhibitions, art events and publication projects challenge entrenched power, effectively promoting radical new ideas that bring change. Since 1983, Platform has created over forty projects and has been involved in dozens of collaborations.

How does Platform use creativity to shift away from dangerous, dominant narratives - about the fossil fuel industry's dirty work around the globe, for instance - to bring to life a call for justice and fairness, along with stories needed to survive, thrive, to make a tangible difference?

Watch the interview above to learn how Platform's projects and collaborations can bring 'cracks of hope' in this time of COVID-19, climate justice work and, tragically, a still-powerful mindset of colonization.

Platform's introductory video:

A special thank you goes out to Video Editor Baird Acheson and Solutionary Perspectives Co-Producer, Diane Wittner.