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We hope this answers most of the questions regarding camp.

Enjoy the weather in Washington
Enjoy the weather in Washington
Raftup on Beautiful Puget Sound
Raft Up on Beautiful Puget Sound
paddle in seattle group huddle
Kayaktivists Unite, PADDLES UP!
Dinner At Localize This!
Fraternize with stellar company at LocalizeThis!
We're excited for the Tuesday June 21st start of the 8th annual Northwest action camp. We all have a great deal to learn from each other, and inspiring actions and new collaborations are guaranteed to blossom. We're exited for you to meet some really exceptional people whom are attending and presenting at camp!

IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND, IT IS NOT TOO LATE. They can attend for a couple days or the whole week. Just have them register online at OR they can call us at 805-776-3882 or 206-408-8058Remember - NO ONE will be turned away for lack of funds, we encourage all those who are passionate and serious about social change to attend.

Accommodations: Localize This! 2016 will be held on the south-end of Vashon at a rural place slated to evolve into an anarchist community space. We are NOT holding it at the former Youth Hostel. There is only parking for about 30 cars so please carpool if you can. See more about transportation below. There will be plenty of bathrooms on site and 4 or more outdoor hot shower stalls. The majority of participants will be camping on the grounds. Enjoy the novelty and do your best to bring what you can to be comfortable camping outdoors for the 7 days. We have a limited number of home-stays on Vashon we can match you up with if camping isn't an option for you but please let us know asap. Also, if you need some gear, we're scrounging up some but again let us know what you need.

Food: We'll have a kitchen crew whipping up deliciousness for the camp for the 3 community meals each day. Most meals will be vegetarian based with vegan options. They're excited to do their best to accommodate other dietary preferences like gluten free, etc. Let us know sooner rather than later so they can plan ahead. If you traditionally eat meat as a part of your diet we encourage you to try enjoying a predominantly plant-based diet prepared for you. It's friendlier towards our biosphere and helps us keep the costs down. There's a couple grocery stores on Vashon and we'll have couple grills that you can use if you need to supplement what is offered.

Folks helping setup the camp are arriving on Monday, June 20th. We welcome you to come set up your camp space on that day, pitch-in with our preparations and explore Vashon. The beaches and trails nearby are beautiful. Regardless of when you arrive - we are more than happy to arrange a pick up at the ferry.
1.Camp Welcome & Check-In:When you arrive at camp, give us a ring (805) 776-3862 so we can welcome and orient you to the camp and where to find all the resources you may need during your stay. We'll do a final registration at lunch everyday to make sure we have all the complete information needed to send you useful post-camp materials and resources.

Your contributions, and openness to engage and build connections will determine how strong and vibrant our community at camp is. By building a strong foundation we can challenge each other, grow together, and model the world and thriving communities we so desperately want to create.
Our hope is that we we will co-create a safe and welcoming space and time together where the cross-pollination of ideas spurs our engagement forward. We hope that camp will deepen our commitment to the cause and to one-another, help us to be more effective and grow our movement. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your time at camp:
  • Make the most out of camp by coming with reflections on the campaigns your already engaged in.
  • Come with action ideas to workshop and test out among participants and trainers!
  • What do you want to bring back to your community and how will you share those insights and inspiration?

2.Work-Trade:We encourage you to contribute to the camp and help sustain it and our ability to make it happen by signing up for work trade shifts.At registration check-in we'll have a work-trade sign-up. Right now the most pressing need is for folks to stay on Tuesday June 28th to pack-up and tidy-up the camp. Additionally we need help painting overpass bannering materials, supporting the kitchen crew, and packing up post-camp, etc.


  • Enthusiasm, curiosity, a positive attitude etc
  • Sleeping Bag, Blankets, Pillow
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Tent
  • (if you don't have the gear let us know, we'll have a very limited supply to borrow) There are a few home-stays for those who feel that camping is not an option for them.
  • And YES! there are hot showers AND some web access (please bring your own towels and toiletries).
  • Fabulous food will obviously be provided according to your dietary preference that you tell us about.
  • Our kitchen crew would appreciate it if you brought your own dinnerware, utensils, and cups to keep down the trash and help everyone be responsible for their own clean-up.
  • Flashlight, sun screen, not-toxic bug repellent, sun hat, sun glasses,
  • Water Bottle
  • Clothes for the warm weather
  • Jacket for cool morning and evenings
  • Raincoat for unlikely wet weather
  • Swimming clothes and towels for kayaktivism
  • Whatever you need to chronicle your experience and bring the lessons home (pen, notebook, laptop, etc)
  • Something fun to share during downtime or at the campfire like musical instruments, glow-in-the-dark frisbee, etc
  • A open, positive attitude, eagerness to learn and share, and build connections with other passionate change makers.

4.TransportationPLEASE READ CAREFULLY We've got all the transportation tips below to ensure you arrive at Vashon hick-up and hang-up free! To get transportation advice give a ring to (805) 776-38828 If you are coming from out of town we will do our best to pick you up at a Seattle transportation hub on Monday the 20th and return you there on Monday or Tuesday June 27th or 28th after camp-wrap up.If you are flying in to SEATAC airport let us know ahead of time and we'll see if someone in Seattle can pick you up. If you fly into SEATAC you may also try using the560 bus from SEATAC to Westwood Village (which connects with the C Rapid Ride bus below).

We can pick up anyone from the Vashon Ferry Terminal or the Tahlequah/Point Defiance Ferry Terminal from Tacoma and give you a lift to the camp. Please call before you disembark from either Tacoma or West Seattle so we can send someone. If at all possible please try to arrive before opening circle in the AM.

CARPOOL While making plans, if you are driving please add your ride to this Carpool page so folks needing rides can join you!

ADDRESS 2016 Localize This! camp is being held at: 12901 SW 276th St. Vashon, WA 98070

The Camp is on the eastern side of Vashon Highway/99, the main road running North and South connecting both the Vashon and Tahlequah Ferry Terminals. Please pull into the parking area on the right side of the road 276th St. it's just a little over 500 feet from the intersection with Vashon Highway and Wax Orchard road.

Public Transportation:
Utilizing the metro trip planner by King County is a great resource for non-locals.

Bus- The Rapid Ride C bus will bring you directly to the West Seattle/Fauntleroy ferry terminal from downtown Seattle. Except for very late night hours it runs every 15 minutes. Cost is $2.50

If you are arriving during the weekday from downtown Seattle you can walk or bike onto the passenger water taxi located at: Pier 50, 801 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98104

Ferry Info:
Remember, the ferries wait for no one! Arrive early and relax for an enjoyable boat ride on beautiful Puget Sound.

Passenger ferry from downtown Seattle:
By utilizing this resource, the 7:40 AM ferry, you should arrive at camp in time catch a cup of coffee and some breakfast. The cost is $6.25 cash or $5.25 ORCA card each way and no extra for your bike.

Water taxi schedule 6:10:16

Ferry from West Seattle:
The ferries that run from West Seattle can take cars and passengers & are located at: SW Barton St/Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal

FARE $23.20 for car, $5.30 per passenger (walk-on too, $1 more for a bicycle). You only pay to come to Vashon.

Leave fauntleroy schedule Weekday
Leave fauntleroy schedule WeekEnd

Ferry from Tacoma:
If you are coming from the south near Tacoma area you can grab the vehicle and passenger ferry to the southern end of Vashon Island at Point Defiance. (There's a gap around 1pm where "FSSH" is on the schedule)

FARE $23.20 for car, $5.30 per passenger (walk-on too, $1 more for a bicycle). You only pay to come to Vashon.

ferry schedule tacoma

action camp screenshot 2016
We Can't Hardly Wait For You To Join Us!