World Rivers Day Multi City Banner Action

Salmon and orca loving activists in 10 locations across the Pacific Northwest showed up for World Rivers Day, in solidarity with tribes, calling for the removal of the 4 dams on the Lower Snake River.

Banner actions happened in Spokane, Wenatchee, Boise, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, including at the Capitol, Portland, Walla Walla, Port Townsend, and Whidbey Island.

The Snake River is the #1 Most Endangered River in the US.  Breaching of the 4 dams would be the largest river restoration project in the US. Removing (or breaching) those dams is inevitable -  but it must happen before the salmon (and orca) go extinct. We are dangerously close to that happening.

@SenatorMurray, @MariaCantwell, and @JayInslee, this is on your watch - don't let your legacy be as the Extinction Trio. 

Individuals can take action by:

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