Artful Activism & Creative Tactics

workshop3.jpgArtful Activism & Creative Tactics

Core & Artful Activism: (1.5 Hours)


Explore ways that creativity can be integrated into your activism to grow your group, mobilize your community, earn media attention, and build power for a society that honors humans, community, nature, and our obligations to future generations as sacred. You will get hands-on experience with materials and equipment used to make giant banners, do light projections, and make identity building art. Together, we will explore how Artful Activism can be integrated into your campaign.

Light canons for liberty and justice, non-violent drones flying your banner, helium balloon pairs of buttocks, catchy musical flash mobs, and human murals. We can't win if we aren't having fun. That's what this training is about, an overview of how we can unleash our imagination to invigorate our movement and animate our values and vision!

While simultaneously employing tactics consistent with the principles of grand strategy, and imbuing those tactics with creativity and artful expression, organizers can enliven and engage people in the process of social change. Backbone has specialized in leveraging few material resources for increasing visibility, building identity and power. This is an overview of easily replicable creative tactics and how they might be used in an overall campaign. Participants can learn hands-on, getting a sense of the materials used to deploy these tactics. The workshop can be expanded to include the process of practicing them in the field and building some imagery to leave behind.

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