Drumming For Demonstrations

workshop16.jpgDrumming For Demonstrations

Artful Activism: (1-3 Hours)

The first four letters in "M-o-v-e-ments" are a call to action to animate our values, and what better way than with music. Isn't it way easier to mobilize people into the streets and keep some skip in their step if they have some rhythm guiding them? Trade in those overused chants for some lively percussion! Through a Drumming For Demonstrations training everyone can get in on the fun, regardless of musical background. As an added plus, as much fun as you and the group may be having, the phenomenon of a horde of people banging on pots and pans while marching to the steps of your target's office can be a little intimidating to them. If your issue or cause is so sympathetic or your beat so contagious that you can mobilize moms, their baby strollers, and their children's rattles, then your target will really be sweating!

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