Artful Activism: (5+ Hours)

Flash mobs can be a fun and engaging tactic that enhances and moves forward your overall campaign. Mobilizing a bunch of people communicates power and draws attention especially if it catches people off guard. The most effective flashmobs involve considerable advanced planning and involve numerous participants in a variety of roles. All the more reason to make sure it goes off without a hitch by taking our training. A key to the success of most flashmobs is the ability to quickly edit raw footage and make it broadly available to the real audience, the online community or media. People at the action are more like extras than your intended audience. Song and dance flash mobs are a particularly effective means of putting pressure on your opponent without them being able to demonize you- its more difficult to demonize someone if they are singing a catchy tune, busting a move, smiling, and have bystanders singing along too. Song and dance flashmobs are a great way lighten the mood of your organizing and lift the spirits of your team.

If you are looking for example of how you might most effectively utilize this tactic check out this video: Target Ain't People Song & Dance Flashmob 

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