Giant Banner Building & Overpass Bannering

workshop6.jpgGiant Banner Building & Overpass Bannering

Artful Activism: [ (1/2 Hour +)

Giant Banners were one of Backbone's first creative tactics and are still one of our most widely used tactics for increasing the visibility of our allies and their issues. We can offer a sampling of how this easily replicable, inexpensive, and reusable tactic can be utilized from overpass bannering to helium balloon assisted lifts. When you don't have deep pockets like our trans-national corporate opponents this tactics can help you easily earn media and spread your message. This tried-and-true constitutionally protected form of free speech is a great way to practice your "Know Your Rights" skills.

We can do an overview on how to construct the banner and its uses, and also expand it to include building your own banner for an action.

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