Grand Strategy & Creativity for Building Grassroots Power


Grand Strategy is a signature workshop of Backbone that articulates a set of strategic principles and a frame through which our social movement can assess the effectiveness of the tactics we deploy in order to achieve our ultimate goals and vision.

Presentation by Bill Moyer (Trainer Bio Here)

An Interview for Fellowship Of Reconciliation in Olympia, WA,
Aired on TCTV in February, 2012

Delivering victories requires an understanding of how vision, goals, strategy and tactics relate to each other, the importance of values-based identity and sympathetic messaging for expanding alliances.

Bill has been evolving this presentation on Grand Strategy for a number of years, weaving in the lessons learned from change agents and his mentors from across the country. Woven into the Grand Strategic principles are a number of other principles and lessons of history such as domains of conflict, and how social movement power is built through a variety of modes of engagement, "sectors of agency." Participants who get to participate in one of these sessions will also explore a spectrum of Creative Tactics from spectacle imagery to light projection to giant banners to nonviolent direct action as tools for growing your group, mobilizing your community, earning media attention, and shifting power.

After checking out the video, see the extensive collection of resource materials linked to below.

Additional Resources
Introduction to Grand Strategy and Creative Tactics Version 1- PDF Powerpoint Introduction to Grand Strategy and Creative Tactics Version 2- PDF Powerpoint
Snapshot of Tactics and Strategy Domains Of Conflict- jpg Motherhood and Mismatch Triangle- jpg
OODA Loop Diagram- Simple Version jpg OODA Loop Diagram- Complex Version jpg
Spectrum of Allies Exercise- Better Long Version PDF Spectrum of Allies Exercise- Short Version PDF
Spectrum of Allies Handout- PDF Spectrum of Allies Handout- jpg
Chuck Spinney Resource: Evolutionary Epistemology- PDF Powerpoint
Chuck Spinney Resource: Essay on "How Obama Won" highlighting Motherhood and Mismatch- Doc
Chuck Spinney Resource: Patterns Of Conflict- PDF Powerpoint
Chuck Spinney Resource: Organic Designs For Command Control- PDF Powerpoint
Smart Meme Story Based Campaign Strategy- PDF Abbreviated Movement Action Plan Excerpt Developed by Bill Moyer (deceased, not Backbone)- PDF
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