Indivisible Chapter of the Backbone Campaign


Our Principles:

-  The current administration’s agenda will take America backwards and must be stopped

o   We will encourage our Members of Congress to support progressive causes

o   We will challenge our Members of Congress when they fail to support our expectations

o   We will reach out and invite people to be active in their own constituencies

-    To be successful we must model the values of inclusion, tolerance, and fairness



Welcome to the Indivisible Chapter of the Backbone Campaign!   Our mission is to enable your social and political engagement through collaboration, skill development and the Artful Activism resources that Backbone Campaign has developed over more than a decade of social change leadership. 

We are glad you have chosen to join us!

Check our latest call to action events, the calendar of activities and group meetings.  You should also visit our Facebook group.  Enter “Indivisible Backbone Vashon” in the search window to find our active teams, group leaders and call to action events.  The network of “by invitation only” Facebook groups is being developed – to which you will gain access as an Indivisible Backbone member.

We look forward to you exploring, connecting and contributing.  Let us know how we can help you achieve your social and political activism objectives.

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Straighten your Backbone by challenging your congresspersons to spine up!

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