Introduction to Blockades

workshop10.jpgIntroduction to Blockades

Direct Action: (3 Hours)

Blockades have played a pivotal role in the escalation of non violent campaigns. Blockades have been implemented by Earth First'ers rapidly mobilizing to stop the decimation of groves of old-growth redwoods. Blockades have enabled the occupation of representative and corporate offices so that they feel the pressure of accountability to our people-powered movements. Blockades have grabbed newspaper headlines by shutting down entire cities where the meetings of trans-national trade agreements were taking place.

This training discusses the use of hard and soft blockades as an action tactic. Learn strategy and techniques used to stop people and vehicles from accessing areas in the wilderness or an urban landscape, blocking roads, taking over an intersection, or just trying to get out of the authorities’ reaches. This introduction presents a foundation for the use of blockades in actions, the necessary preparations before implementation, the roles of participants during a successful blockade action, and includes an opportunity to practice a blockade scenario. This training is hands on, and will include how to work with the materials such as Ulocks, black bears, and straight boxes, as well as methods of soft blockades using your body. This training can be adapted to include a thorough training of building and using Tripods, which adds an additional hour to the training. 

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