Love Wins: Lessons Grand Strategy for Nonviolent Social Movement

Spheres-CompetingParadigms-PoliticallyPossible.jpgCore Foundations: (2.5 hours)

Grand Strategy is an exploration of principles of strategy, domains of conflict, and the relationship between the physical, mental and emotional game of drawing power to a cause. Moyer applies the work developed in Sun Tzu's Art of War and updated by Col. John R. Boyd to building power through nonviolent social movement.  

There are lessons from the study of conflict which we can directly apply to nonviolent movement building while honoring our commitment to nonviolence and the unifying power of love. This workshop is an interactive presentation on Grand Strategy, moral conflict, and application of lessons for nonviolent social movement from classic text the Art of War and its reinterpretation by Col. John R. Boyd. We will explore the diverse manifestations of agency and how they are all essential for shifting "political" calculus" and movement power for a paradigm that honors humans, community, nature, and our obligations to future generations as sacred.

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