Know Your Rights

18974779880_349df2cff1_z.jpgKnow Your Rights

Direct Action: (2 hours)

Nowhere else is the saying "knowledge is power" more applicable than when dealing with the legal system and the men in blue who enforce it. Despite crony capitalist having a strong presence even on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court, the legal system still affords us useful guarantees. Knowing the tools available to you, the traps you could get hung-up in, and having a basic familiarity with the process will help you act as level-headed as possible when tension and emotions are running high at an action.

This training covers all of the basic legal information for interactions with police. The training teaches you what your basic rights are when you are questioned, searched, detained, and/or arrested, and what methods the police use to manipulate these rights on the spot. The training also takes you through the step by step process from the first interaction with the police, through detainment, arrest, and the court systems. Other topics discussed: tips on jail solidarity, current federal and state legislation threatening your rights, and what to take with you and leave home during an action.

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