Overpass Light Brigade

Stop_Fast_Track_San_Diego_640px_OLB.jpgOverpass Light Brigade

Artful Activism & Imagery Building (1/2 - + Hours)

Want to raise the visibility of your movement or campaign? Think an injustice needs to illuminated? If you have some friends who are itching to raise the visibility of an issue and desiring to take a stand then you can play activist scrabble as an Overpass Light Brigade. Backbone Campaign has built a library of LED light panels and we are eager to help others do the same or utilize our set for an action. The legal issues are the same as overpass bannering when used in that context, but this tactic is infinitely adaptable. We can imagine a helium balloon assisted LED light message floating in the sky... ;-) We can also guide you through building your own library.

Overpass Light Brigade, or OLB is a tactic developed by activists in Wisconson, see http://overpasslightbrigade.org/

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