Papier-mâché Puppet Imagery Build

workshop15.jpgPapier-mâché Puppet Imagery Build

Artful Activism: (6+ Hours)

Activists can do a lot on a little budget, especially by employing the festival arts. After you've picked a target who is most deserving of ridicule, be a politician or bankster or other white-collar criminal conspiring against the public good, you can easily craft their likeness using papier mache for a fun public spectacle. Or, use papier mache to build puppets in the likeness of of movement leaders like Frederick Douglas or Emma Goldman to rekindle the spirits of your allies reminding them to honor those who have come before by deeply engaging in the work of today. We provide hands-on training on how to sculpt the likeness of your desired image so it looks as stunning as imaginable for it's debut in the streets. We give you tips and hands-on experience using reclaimed trash as the principle source of materials so your conscience is guilt free.

For a better understanding of what this workshop might look like check out the beginnings of our Papier-mâché Puppet Toolkit: Papier-mâché Puppet Toolkit

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