sHellNo Kayaktivism Video Archive

sHellNo Kayaktivism video:

April 2, 2015, Join the Flotilla!

First training for sHellNo Flotilla April 4, 2015:

Shell Opponents Get Louder, April 5, 2015 - First Three Days of Flotilla coverage Blimp, March, Training

April 24 - King 5 ShellNo Kayaktivists train:  “Rain? What Rain”  Kayaktivist Train

Kayaktivist testimonials:

Polar Pioneer Arrival in Seattle:

May 16 Paddle in Seattle

King 5

June 15, Seattle Blockade of Polar Pioneer (aka Polar Plunderer) 

This mini-documentary from MSNBC's Shift beautifully captures some of the important aspects of the 2015 engagement by Backbone Campaign and allied Artful Activists in the birth of the #sHellNo Kayaktivist campaign. 

Portland Family Friendly Flotilla July 25, 2015

Portland Blockade Flotilla July 29?, 2015