October's Light Action

Join the call this Wed 10/18 at 5PM (Pacific)/8PM (Eastern) to help plan the next Solidarity Brigade Light Projection and to sign up for a stop on the Rolling Rebellion for Real Democracy Imagery Tour, coming to your town or city!

RSVP below and email instructions for connecting via Zoom will be sent to you.MF_LOVE.jpg

  • For those with light projectors, we'll get your feedback on what messages to project next month; if you're signed up to be part of the Solidarity Brigade network, we'll send you GOBOs to use.
  • For those who don't yet have a light projector or the training to do a projection, we'd like to help you build a highly visible banner to use at a highway overpass or other appropriate place in your community. Order yours today.
  • Bring the #BeyondDenial Elephant or #45Head to your community by contacting our Imagery Tour Coordinator.

Backbone Campaign wants to help you respond rapidly to current events, using high visibility tactics, in coordination and solidarity across the country. We are your resource for light projections, freeway banners, imagery, and best practices for getting a message out boldly and effectively.

Through our Solidarity Brigades, Backbone seeks to help build relationships locally as well as build the people power we need to change the course of the country!

Chip in to support this work by making a donation -  or join the Lumbar Club and make a small monthly donation using a credit or debit card. We're all in this together!

RSVP below - and see you Wednesday! 




  • October 18, 2017 at 5:00pm – 6pm
  • Zoom conference call
  • Phil Ateto

Will you come?